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Quality Assurance

Built steadily over 23 years, Prestige Laundry’s level of quality assurance is
now synonymous with spotlessly clean linen and garments that are the perfect reflection of hospitality.

We believe that getting the right people and then cultivating them with the right expertise and skills are key pillars of our success. Our internal departments and systematic processes also ensure that quality control checks are implemented at every step to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We rely on our own engineering department to eliminate machine downtime and provide timely services, as well as maintaining the machinery in tip-top condition.

Our trained drivers are also integral to the impeccable service extended to our customers. As our valued client, you will be assigned a dedicated vehicle driver who will devote his entire time to servicing your assignments daily. With this arrangement, you will be assured of consistent job familiarity on our drivers’ part which further enhances delivery efficiency